⭐ 01 - Premium Subscription | Getting Started

Last updated (6/5/2022) - (MM/DD/YYYY)

🎉 New upcoming perks soon...

  • 📦 Tier 0 - "Free"
    • 16 Anime -> /anime add
    • 80 Sub per Anime -> /anime subscribe
    • Customizable Notification Time
  • 🎁 S1 - "Supporter - $2.25"
    • 24 Anime -> /anime add
    • 1500 Sub per Anime -> /anime subscribe
    • Customizable Notification Time
  • 💎 S2 - "Supporter - $5.50"
    • Unlimited Anime -> /anime add
    • Unlimited Sub per Anime -> /anime subscribe
    • Import from AniList & MyAnimeList -> /anime import
    • Customizable Notification Time
    • Customizable Webhook ( Soon )
    • Customizable Anime/Notify Amount Limit ( Soon )
    • New Feature Early Access

⭐ 02 - Bot | Commands List

Last updated (5/27/2022) - (MM/DD/YYYY)
Always make sure to correctly Role-lock on some sensitive command(ex: /anime add, /anime remove, /anime import, etc...) if the bot is on public server with a lot of members to avoid the disaster... ;-;

🤖 Every Commands List

/animeadd[animeID or romaji/english], [animeNickname]everyone, specific-role
/animeremove[animeNickname]everyone, specific-role
/animeimport[platform], [platform List], [Status], [Username]everyone, specific-rolePT2⚠️
/anime adminsetchannel[selected channel]admin, guild-manager
/anime adminremovechannel[]admin, guild-manager
/anime admineditpermission[enable], [command], [role]admin, guild-manager⚠️
/debug[options]everyone, server-owner, developer
/animerenameComing soon
/anime inspectanimeComing soon
/anime inspectstudioComing soon
/anime inspectcharacterComing soon
/anime inspectstaffComing soon
/manga inspectmangaComing soon
/manga inspectstudioComing soon
/manga inspectcharacterComing soon
/manga inspectstaffComing soon

📦 Payload Definitions

  • [AnimeID] - You can this from website URL when viewing one of the anime " [21202 <-- This part] /Konosuba".
  • [AnimeName] - The name in Romaji or English of that Anime.
  • [AnimeNickname] - This can be anything as you can recognize it.
  • [Selected Channel] - Text Channel that you've selected with Discord channel selection tool.
  • [Platform] - This can be AniList or MyAnimeList.
  • [Platform List] - This is your Anime List(ex: Watching, Plan to watch). inside selected platform.
  • [Status] - Status of those Anime in your [Platform List] (ex: Airing, Not Yet Aired).
  • [ListFilter] - Filter out the List(ex: Global Server List, Personal Subscribed Anime List)
  • [Enable] - If this is Enabled then the Role will be locked to selected Role but if you choose to Disabled it the command will be available publicly. This is the same action as locking the Role with @everyone.
  • [Command] - Command that you want to Role-lock.
  • [Role] - Choose a specific Role so only person with the Role can use [Command].
  • [Options] - There will be a prelisted options available for you to choose.
  • [] - Leave this empty. The command does not require you to pick or input anything.

⭐ 03 - AniTrack | Frequently Asked Question ( Faq )

Last updated (5/27/2022) - (MM/DD/YYYY)
Please read the Documentation & Help page before reading this or asking questions in support server.

⭐ Login With Discord

Q: I'm having troble logging in.

A: Please try refreshing the website or delete all the cookies and browser cache then try again. If you're still having the same issue, please report in the Discord server.

Q: Will there be more commands or features.

A: Yes! We will add them once they are completed

Q: Will there be manga tracker for MangaDex?

A: Maybe? We will start experimenting with it very soon...

📦 Open-Source

Q: Will the codebase ever be available for open-source?

A: No. There won't be any full open-source version of our Bot, web, and others. But we do have a seperate open-source repository package for the Bot that we've made and you can use it with your Bot.