Update logs (MM/DD/YYYY)

10/19/2022 - Update #22 - Website Optimization

+ Some pages result will now be cached on server by default.

+ /leaderboard will now be cached for 1 hour which mean the result will stays the same for 1 hour until someone visit the page again after the duration.

+ Remove "AniTrack" page loading screen.

+ Better optimization for mobile screen.

10/7/2022 - Update #21 - Performance & Stability

I'm currently very busy with my other work right now. Once I'm free, I will rewrite the website from scratch and it will have a lot of new powerful features like Voting Anime, Currenly Tranding ( Weekly, Monthly ), Better Leaderboard, Free Speech Platform, Anime Section Homepage, Tutorial. Which means the website will no longer be specifically made for Discord Bot but mainly for general purpose. Also I'm very excited to see the bot servers count reached 1,000 servers. Thank you all!! <3

+ Update packages

+ Fix /anime add not responding to long title anime

+ Upgrade load performance on markdown pages ex: ( /updates, /privacy, /tos, /help ), from 4-6 seconds to <1

8/30/2022 - Update #20

+ Fix /anime subscribe and /anime unsubscribe always showing "Role-ping" anime regarding to if you have subbed to it or not

+ Fix /anime list filter:My Subscribed Not filtering subbed "Role-ping" anime to the specific user

8/9/2022 - Update #19

+ Rewite function for /anime admin setchannel command, the command is very stable now

+ /anime admin removechannel now also remove AniTrack's created webhook with them

7/18/2022 - Update #18

+ Improves page load time and first paintful content

+ Improves page loading state indicator bar

7/10/2022 - Update #17

+ Added Twitter Bot that tweets top 10 Anime Weekly and Anime aired

AniTrack Tweet

7/9/2022 - Update #16

+ Added Embeded /help command list with quick command's description

+ Fixed bot not responding to /anime admin setchannel sometimes due to random latency issues between Discord and AniTrack

7/8/2022 - Update #15

I've begin to take a notice on new servers kicking the Bot after having them for short period of time. I suspected that this might have something to do with /anime add searching feature and people don't know it is possible to search stuff. So I decided to add some gif images to many parts of the Bot to helps new servers using the Bot.

+ Added More Tutorials to make the Bot less confusing

+ Changes to many Bot messages, grammars, and removed use of unnecessary use of english words. This can results in quicker readings

6/22/2022 - Update #14

+ Added /anime admin assignrole Command

+ Changes to anime subscribe logic

6/12/2022 - Update #13

+ Added Instant Search ( on top of the homepage )

6/5/2022 - Update #12 - Massive code update

+ Added new subscription system

+ Added new subscription pick page

+ Added new subscription buy page

+ Redis cache implementation

+ Changes in subscripion plan benefits

+ Changes in Embed Message

+ Changes in Bot Messages

+ Some refactoring

- Deleted Patreon page

- Removed Patreon system ( Still open-source in our GitHub )

5/22/2022 - Update #11 - Dev logs ( Not Publicly Released Yet )

We are currently working on a new subscription payment system. We will delete the Patreon page once this has been completed. Thanks!


  • The UI/UX design and system prototype are completed.
  • Changes to the subscription rewards which includes: unlimited anime, unlimited notify, customizable webhook profile, and many many more!


  • /premium Page is now completed!
  • /premium/buy/[plan] is currently 65% done.

5/23/2022 - 5/24/2022

  • /premium/buy/[plan] is completed. Will be working on SaaS, Payment redirects, Webhooks, and some other important things to make the system works.
  • Here are some preview images!
Premium Subscription Plans Checkout Page

5/15/2022 - Update #10 - Code Refactoring

This may introduce some new bugs. Please report them on the support server.

+ Added proper typescript types to everything and code refactoring

Github Commits

5/9/2022 - Update #9

+ Patched Bug Bot crashes when /anime add search result name is larger than 99 character

+ Patched Bug /anime remove doesn't work.

5/6/2022 - Update #8

+ Added Content delivery network to some part of the site. For more flexible markdowns editing without rebuilding the site, Base URL

5/5/2022 - Update #7

+ Sitemap.xml update, Changes to most of the URL's priorities

+ Added 20% Compression and porper caching to all banner images in

+ Added Inspect Button when adding Anime with /anime add

+ Added /anime inspect Command

loading image

5/4/2022 - Update #6

+ Added Page

+ Changed Notify Frequency Editor from Patron-only to FREE for everyone

5/3/2022 - Update #5

+ Added Page

+ Added Public Rest API Gateway /GET[1-50]

+ Fix Mobile Responsiveness on multiple pages across the site

+ Added More Responsiveness Navbar for Mobile users

loading image

05/01/2022 - Update #4

+ Added flagged Anime list for Anime that has a very weird airing schedule

loading image

4/28/2022 - Update #3

+ Changed FREE Anime List Size Limitation from 8 to 16

loading image

04/22/2022 - Update #2

+ Added Page

03/27/2022 - Update #1

- Removed /anime addsearch Command and merge it with /anime add Command

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